A workshop to discuss the draft strategy of the Women and Water Network for the year (2021-2023)

Feb 26, 2022

The Women and Water Network held a workshop to discuss the draft strategy for the network for the year 2021-2023, in Ramallah, on 04/10/2021, with the participation of members of the network’s steering committee and a group of representatives of civil institutions and ministries related to the water sector and women’s affairs.
The workshop was opened by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Tamimi, General Manager of the Palestinian Hydrogen Group, welcomes the audience, as he mentioned that the women and water network project is a project funded by the Swedish Kavina Tel Kavina Foundation for a period of three years and implemented by the Palestinian Hydrogen Group.
It was clear during the workshop that the goal of the project is to empower and integrate the role of women in managing the water sector with the participation of men alike to achieve the development goals of the water sector and to reach an integrated and sustainable management of water resources. The project targets the category of women working in rural areas, working in non-profit institutions, and specialists in the water sector.
A draft strategy for the network was presented, the internal and external environment was analyzed and discussed with the audience, and the most important initial objectives of the strategic document were extracted.

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