Palestinian Water Authority Hosts Dissemination Session for GWL Programme Response Strategy

Mar 31, 2024

Palestinian Water Authority Hosts Dissemination Session for GWL Programme Response
Ramallah, Palestine – March 26, 2024 – The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) organized a
pivotal workshop "Dissemination Session for the GWL Programme Response Strategy." This
workshop, which comes within the framework of the "Global Water Leadership in a Changing
Climate" program, marks a significant milestone following the official approval of the
response strategy by the head of the PWA, Eng. Mazen Ghunaim last week.

Led by the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-MED) and in collaboration with
key stakeholders including the Environmental Quality Authority, Ministry of Agriculture,
Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority, and Ministry of Women Affairs, The
dissemination session, held at the PWA office on March 26th, 2024, focused on presenting
the comprehensive Response Strategy developed to address the challenges posed by
climate change on integrated water resource management in Palestine, convened experts
and representatives from various sectors.

Eng. Nujoud Abdou, PWA, introduced the project providing insights into the roles and
divisions of teams during the planning stages and conducted the opening remarks for the
workshop, followed by Dr Ghazi Abu Rumman from GWP-MED who outlined the strategic
objectives of the Response Strategy, emphasizing the collaborative efforts aimed at
pioneering sustainable water management practices tailored to Palestine's unique
socio-economic and environmental contexts, including the development of integrated
planning tools and management systems for water resources based on climate change.

During the session, Eng. Beesan O. Shunnar, Chair of the Institutional work group, her
presentation shed light on the benefits, drawbacks, and challenges of Public-Private
institutions Partnerships in the water sector, while Eng. Rehab Thaher, Chair of the
Monitoring & Evaluation work group, discussed the development of an integrated
performance management system for water resources management and the Implementation
of approved SMART KPIs, and Eng. Ibtisam Abu Alhija, Chair of the Technical work group,
presented the Action Plan Framework of the Group and discussed the social behaviour
resistance and acceptance to and a lack of gender mainstreaming on the reuse of Treated
Wastewater (TWW).

Following the presentations, experts engaged in discussions on crucial tools enabling
institutions to implement the strategic plan, including the importance of spreading awareness
among end-users of water and addressing political instability's impact on the water sector.
This workshop signifies a proactive step towards achieving water security and resilience in
Palestine amidst a changing climate.

The workshop was conducted under the Terms of Reference launched by GWP-MED,
aiming to mitigate climate change impacts on water resources through collaborative efforts
and strategic planning among stakeholders in Palestine.

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