Who We Are

(PWWPN) is a unique Palestinian Women Water Practitioners Network, uniting women water professionals nationally and regionally. All members of PWWPN are rooted in society and are active in areas of water and sanitation, sustainable development, women participation and empowerment. Targeted memberships are active women in rural areas, rural women CBO’s, young female water professional, Women working in NGOs all levels and social movements.


(PWWPN) focuses on consistently raising the profile of women in the water section, both in their professional capacity and as a major group in society.  As it supports women active participation in water sector notionally and regionally.


(PWWPN) significantly contributes in improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) through exchanging knowledge among members and others, water projects and policies ensuring also gender issues.


Lobby and advocacy, women water network is to issue a lobby and advocacy program for advocating the importance of linking the implementation of achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women, ensuring availability and sustainable management for water and sanitation for all.


(PWWPN) supports Palestinian water women in accessing training and job opportunities in order to advance their careers.  PWWPN is considered to be a knowledge exchange and learning platform, along with regional workshops and peer-to-peer support, facilitates members in sharing best practices, lessons learnt and expertise on different themes. It contributes to improved project implementation, and stimulates “out of the box thinking”.